NOTE: There are plenty of obstacles that can stand in the way of downloading and installing this software from the Inernet.

If you experience difficulties getting this software working, simply call our support to arrange a review of the issue. Thanks. :)

Basic Installation Steps

NOTE: If you encounter this warning when running the installer or the desktop app, simply click the More Info link and then click Run Anyway.

Download the installer.

Run the installer. It will begin downloading the desktop app.

when the installer completes, hit Enter.

Right-click the Rainmaker icon and select ""pin the program to the taskbar", so the icon to begin desktop app is always available from the taskbar location.

Enter scanner registration mode.

Scan any random barcode to register the scanner.

Login to the desktop app. When you enter your login, a search is performed on the server and your school id is filled in. If your login is used across multiple schools, you should see a selection of schools to choose from. Supply your password and click the Login button to complete the login process.

Lastly, set appropriate settings.