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Martial Arts Specific

After years of testing hundreds of software systems and never being able to find an all in one
solution specific to martial art schools we built it. That’s right, RainMaker has been built by martial
art school owners specifically for other martial art school owners.

Simple To Use – Time Saving System

Stop entering the same info in 10 different systems.  RainMaker makes it easy for you and your staff.

What does RainMaker Do?

Manage, market, sell and automate the small stuff so you can focus on the big stuff.  Make your life easier.

  • StreamLine

  • Automate

  • Manage

  • Market

What Our Great Clients Say

It’s just like having an office manager for our office manager! Everything is designed by martial arts school owners FOR martial arts school owners. These guys get it when it comes to smoothly running a top notch martial arts school. They know what works and what doesn’t and we’ve benefited greatly from their experience and knowledge all wrapped up in what we consider to be the best management system on the market, Rainmaker!

Den Dutson
Denda Academy of Martial Arts

The RainMaker system has cut down on our administrative hours which give our staff more time to devote to attending to our students need. It’s been so effective in helping our student body grow that we have grown out of our current location and are moving to a location 3 times the size of the one we have now to accommodate our growing school.

James Wright and Mary Muller
Wrights Extreme Martial Arts

What are the most Frequently Asked Questions about RainMaker?

How do we get our member and prospect information into RainMaker?

You can get all your basic data imported directly into your RainMaker account. For example, name, rank, address, email address, etc. We can not import payment information such as credit cards and checking account info due to PCI compliance.

What are all the cost involved with direct billing?

First we will walk you through the entire process, you don’t need to know all the technical stuff. RainMaker allows you to do direct billing by connecting to your current credit card processing account. This means whatever fees you pay for processing a credit card payment will be the same by using RainMaker. The only additional fee charged is for the payment gateway. There is a setup fee of 99 and  monthly fee is $19 per month with no additional transaction fees for payment gateway..

How long does it take to get started and set up?

Your RainMaker account will be built automatically as soon as you register.

How does RainMaker work if we use a separate billing company?

About half our clients use a separate billing company and use RainMaker for management purposes.

Does RainMaker connect to my website?

RainMaker can create forms for you to add to your website so all leads coming in from your website go directly into your RainMaker account.

Do you offer a trial?

Yes, we offer a 90 day money back guarantee, so try it out – you’ll love it!

What happens if I sign up and don’t like it?

If you sign up and don’t like it we offer a 90 day money back guarantee. Just let us know you would like a refund during the trial period and we will stop your payments and refund your initial start up.

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