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Get More Out of RainMaker Fast

RainMaker On-boarding - Series 1

What is your Lifetime Value (LTV) of your members? Could it be $1000, $2000, maybe it’s way more, right? If this is true, what would you focus on creating to produce a more consistent and enjoyable experience for your students, members, and customers?

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The Best Way To Improve Your School Now


Do things to help improve their experience and you will add major profits to your bottom line.

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Best Martial Arts Software Reviews 2017

rainmaker fitness business software

Starting and running your own martial arts school requires commitment, planning and good management. Choosing the best martial arts software which suits your needs will help you find and keep customers. RainMaker is an all in one martial arts management software designed specifically for martial arts schools. Created in 2003 by to use in martial arts…

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I was FURIOUS at my staff member.

Build Rapport

Back to the reason I was furious. When a member walks in, they must always be greeted with a warm smile and a polite greeting. They should feel on top of the world.

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5 Basic Ways To Automatically Get More Martial Arts Student Sign-Ups

Are you getting at least 4 to 10 new students per month? With just a little more effort you can increase your new sign-ups by 50 percent by taking a little consistent action and putting a few simple systems in place. Here are 5 tips to boost your enrollments without spending more money on marketing and advertising. 1.…

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3 Ways To Get More Students Today

1.  Email, Email, Email!   Send out a broadcast email to all prospects.  Make it short and sweet.  It will seem genuine and less like bulk email. subject line:  hey… email copy:  Hey, are you still interested in checking out one of our martial arts programs?  Let me know.  – Scott   2.  Shout it…

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7 Ways to Improve Your Retention Right Now

1. Call 3 Students and tell them something great. Hi this is Instructor Smith, is this Mrs. Frank?  Mrs. Frank I wanted to call and let you know how proud I am of Chris.  He always does in best in class and lately i’ve noticed he has great eye contact whenever he’s speaking to you. I’m very proud…

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“I tried that and it didn’t work”

I don’t know how many times I said this to myself before learning an idea that changed everything for me. A determined mindset makes all the difference. That’s what we teach, right? But is mindset enough to change your results? YES! Here is the mindset I developed: “I’m just a white belt at this and I’ll get…

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Do You Want To Get More Sign-Ups Each Month?

Here are a few tips: 1.  Build a habit of watching and tracking your number of total prospects in addition to how many suspects and prospects you add to your system each month. 2.  Find ways to increase your number of “lookie loos.” What’s a lookie loo? You know those people that smoosh their hand…

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