“I tried that and it didn’t work”

I don’t know how many times I said this to myself before learning an idea that changed everything for me. A determined mindset makes all the difference. That’s what we teach, right? But is mindset enough to change your results? YES! Here is the mindset I developed: “I’m just a white belt at this and I’ll get…

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Do You Want To Get More Sign-Ups Each Month?

Here are a few tips: 1.  Build a habit of watching and tracking your number of total prospects in addition to how many suspects and prospects you add to your system each month. 2.  Find ways to increase your number of “lookie loos.” What’s a lookie loo? You know those people that smoosh their hand…

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Do you require equipment at specific ranks or belt levels?

If you do, STOP, PAY ATTENTION, for just one minute, okay? In RainMaker you can set up a  flow that’s triggered based on earning a rank. First, use this to build an email promoting the benefits of the gear and put a profit generator link to the equipment so they can purchase it immediately . Next, put a…

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How to remember family member’s names


How To Remember Family Member’s Names Yes, we’re martial arts instructors and we are great at remembering our student’s names.  However, sometimes we might find it difficult to actually remember what parent or what sibling belongs to which student. One easy way to help is to take a picture.  You do take pictures of all…

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