How To Do A Parent’s Night Out

Martial Arts Promotions Templates

Yes, you can just send people directly to a Profit Generator to let them register for your PNO, but it’s not the most efficient way to get maximum results. The same is true with Trial Campaigns, Birthday Parties, Merchandise and more.

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Get More Out of RainMaker Fast

RainMaker On-boarding - Series 1

What is your Lifetime Value (LTV) of your members? Could it be $1000, $2000, maybe it’s way more, right? If this is true, what would you focus on creating to produce a more consistent and enjoyable experience for your students, members, and customers?

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7 Tools Every Martial Arts School Can Use Right Now To Be More Effective

Best MarTech for Fitness Businesses

What is MarTech? It’s a fancy word for Marketing Technology. Just a bunch of different tools that help you get more done.

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The Best Way To Improve Your School Now


Do things to help improve their experience and you will add major profits to your bottom line.

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Best Martial Arts Software Reviews 2017

rainmaker fitness business software

Starting and running your own martial arts school requires commitment, planning and good management. Choosing the best martial arts software which suits your needs will help you find and keep customers. RainMaker is an all in one martial arts management software designed specifically for martial arts schools. Created in 2003 by to use in martial arts…

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How To Sign Up More Karate Students

More sign ups

“The goal of the information call/inquiry is to set an appointment.”  This was drilled into our heads day in and day out back in the “old days.”  This has always been taught as the purpose of an inquiry and it is WRONG.

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I was tired of struggling.

Struggling-Martial Arts Business

So how good are you at the three skills? Are you a great marketer? Are you great at communicating the benefits to your prospects? Have you systematized and automated your entire business?

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Thoughts on Student Service


It’s sad, but too many business owners get this wrong. They focus on only what it is best for them while hurting the very people that trusted them, to begin with.

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Tips on GREAT school tours…


School tours are done when you first meet a potential student for the first time.

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They were all weird?

Build Rapport

Imagine walking into a new place and everyone was dressed in strange robes, they were yelling weird phrases, and someone was speaking a different language, loudly.

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