I was tired of struggling.

For years I struggled with only having 100 students. Sometimes I’d manage to have 125… 135.. but something would invariably happen and I’d be right back at around 100 again.

I discovered three skills that helped me break out of the rut I was in.

One. The ability to learn how to market.
Two. The skills necessary to enroll new members.
Three. The ability to automate most of my daily tasks by leveraging technology.

I seriously busted my butt to learn everything I could on marketing my school, then I took massive action. I paid attention to what worked, and what needed more effort and practice. I didn’t give up on a marketing idea, Instead, I honed my skill at pulling it off.

Then a new problem surfaced. I had tons more people interested in my school but I did not know how to convert them to paying members. So I dove in and learned everything I could about communication and benefits and what people are looking for. What problems we solved, and how I could communicate that in a way they enrolled. And, enrolled they did. Started enrolling 20 new members per month, then 30+ (that brought on other problems, but, thats for another day.)

I had always been told that technology (software) could help you leverage your time and resources so you could get more done. I tried every planner, every todo list system, every software package for martial arts schools, and it seemed like they took way more time to use than time saved, and I didn’t feel I was leveraging my time very well. Frustrating. Lots of wasted time.

Why do you think I created RainMaker Martial Arts Software? Because I wanted the most powerful tool I could get to leverage my time by automating tasks, help me market and nurture prospects and follow up and enroll more members. I systematized EVERYTHING I could, I AUTOMATED everything I could. I even automated the things I could’t by creating tasks for my team to physically do.

And boy did I see abundance in my business.

Automation is not just about nurturing prospects, although that is a very easy way to see immediate results. I even automated the nurturing of new members. Followed up automatically with those who quit taking classes. Automatically handled those who missed a class. Even those who were due to expire. If you attended one of my free events, you were automatically followed up on.

So how good are you at the three skills? Are yo ua great marketer? Are you great at communicating the benefits to your prospects? Have you systematized and automated your entire business?

Crush this week!

Ron Sell
co-founder RainMaker Martial Arts Software
PS If you need direction on how to improve your skills in these areas, drop me a private message on Facebook or visit our website at https://addmembers.com