They were all weird?

Have you ever been invited to a party at someone’s home and realized THEY WERE ALL WEIRD? Lol. I have, and it was uncomfortable to say the least.

Imagine walking into a new place and everyone was dressed in strange robes, they were yelling weird phrases, and someone was speaking a different language, loudly.

Well, that is exactly what is happening to every single “newbie” who walks into your school.

Imagine the feeling for a moment.

Since “most” people are not rock stars by nature, it’s probably going to be pretty intimidating for them when they are new to your school. Their “guard” is probably up. They are probably so distracted by being uncomfortable to even listen to most of what you are saying to them.

There are several things we can proactively do to help make them feel comfortable.

First, wait for them by your front door with a smile and a handshake, Then build some rapport. Make them feel at ease.

Second, give them a tour of your school before asking them to participate. Just like if you came to my home, I’d show you around, tell you to “feel at home.”

Next, introduce them to a few key players, like the receptionist, the main instructor (even if they are teaching), even some of the students warming up in the back.

Simple things will make a big difference.

Make this a part of your culture.

Practice this with your team.

Crush this week!

Ron Sell