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with the Rapid Start Workshop!

Registration is ONLY $97 per seat

In just one day, you will learn tools, tips and profit-producing strategies you can use in RainMaker To Get More Done In Less Time...Guaranteed!

  • Do you feel like you're only using 10% of RainMaker... We will get you using MORE, NOW
  • Confused about how others get such great results...Learn implementation strategies to produce profits.
  • I'm run my school by myself...How to find time to automate things to give you more time.
  • I want to get rid of my billing company but i'm nervous...We will show you exactly what to do so it's easy.
  • I need more leads...With RainMaker we will show you if that's true or if you can get more new members out of the leads you already get each month.

What Makes RainMaker A Different Experience...


What is RainMaker's Rapid Start Workshop?

  1. The workshop is designed to give you an easy to follow frame work to make the most progress in using your RainMaker account to it's fullest potential.
  2. We will teach you the mindset necessary to make use of the "Core 4" and tie together the different types of automations that help you make more profit while you sleep.
  3. You will learn tips and tricks for optimizing results and creating a library full of tools to use each and every year in your promotions.
  4. Learn the easiest way to on-board new staff members so they know how to use RainMaker out of the gate.
  5. Find out more about the future of RainMaker and see how to be involved with more features not released to the public.

Learn How To Quickly Implement
RainMaker Principles Into Your
Business For Accelerated Growth

The Make Your Life Easier MindSet

Starting with the right mindset will allow you to make RainMaker part of your daily routine.  It will also allow you to implement the different tools and strategies without getting caught up in nuance that won't add REAL dollars or results to your bottom line.  We will teach you what to focus on and what to ignore so that you get more done faster and easier.

Creating Your Strategy

Your strategy for reaching your goals will determine what tools and features you need to focus on when setting up your RainMaker account and what automations, campaigns, business systems and profit generators you need to move towards first.  We will help you get there in short order.

Understanding the Machine

The "Core 4" are going to be the daily tools you use that trigger just about all automations.  Once you grasp these basics the rest will be easy.

  • Contact entry
  • Point of Sale
  • Attendance
  • Appointment book


Automations Made Easy

Automations include following-up on students missing classes, payments that are past due, declined payments, equipment purchases, web site opt-ins and more.

  • MIA Members
  • Prospect Engagement and Nurture
  • Member Engagement and Nurture
  • Purchase Up-Sells and Cross Sells
  • Event Registrations

Here's What RainMakers Have To Say

I agree, it's pretty bad ass. I've used almost every program out there, and it kicks all of their asses. Add to it that you can do you OWN automated billing and save tons of $$$ off those processing fees other companies charge, and it's a no-brainer. My whole organization uses it and it's super easy to learn
Adam Osetek World Martial Arts
The company I switched to is RainMaker and they are phenomenal. Great customer service, fast response time, always improving the product, keeping things simple and never trying to go outside their strengths. Gotta love Ron Sell and his team!
Jason Kifer Superstar Karate
It's official, I can say "I am a Rainmaker." I have also watched the updates and how Rainmaker is constantly bettering their product and that is in line with the "Kaizen" philosophy I live by. Now As I am going through the set up and training I am so impressed with the hand holding and above and beyond level of customer service they have offered me so far.
Brannon Beliso One Martial Arts & One Merit Badges


When is the Rapid Start Workshop?



  • Friday, 13th October 2017
  • 9AM-3PM PST

Where is the workshop being held?

The workshop will be held at:
One Martial Arts
979 Broadway Suite 116
Millbrae, CA 94030

One Martial Arts is owned by long time RainMaker Brannon Belliso.  One Martial Arts is just 7 minutes from San Francisco International Airport.  Hotel Room Details will be sent upon receiving your registration deposit.  Currently hotel rooms average $150 per night during the workshop time frame.

How much is registration?

Registration is $97 per seat.  Only Owners will have their registration refunded upon attendance.

Who should attend the workshop?

Owners should attend to get an overall perspective and help set the direction of where you want to go.  Bring staff members who will use the system daily.  Also if you do not currently use RainMaker and would like to see what all can be accomplished with our automations and speak to current users, then this event would also be for you.

What is the workshop about and why should we attend?

The Rapid Results Workshop is about giving you a "Jump Start" towards bigger results with Rainmaker.  It's for people just getting started and for those that feel they can get more out of the system but need a little help.


Registration Is Limited
To 50 People So Register Now

(Our conference room only holds 50 people for classroom style seating)