“If You Were Going To Create Your Own Software, You Would Design It Just Like This”

As seen in MA Success and Dojo Digest

Over 1400 Schools All Over The World...

Why settle for shiny objects when you can experience power and simplicity?

rainmaker_simplicity_and_powerIf you're like most school owners, your goal is simple; you want to spend time running your school and achieve maximum results with a streamlined approach to life.

And you know across the world, more and more instructors like you are discovering a better student-focused approach to business.

Experience the simple and powerful system used
by everyone, from the mega-school owner to medium schools
to the  instructor just starting out

Created with your staff in mind, RainMaker works the way you do.

  • Simple
  • Powerful
  • Easy to use

It allows you to enter programs that are expiration based, month-to-month,class credit based, roll-over, you name it. The order and way information is entered in RainMaker will just make sense; It will seem as if you've used it before.


What You Gain from RainMaker

The RainMaker Membership Management System is used around the world and its
benefits are beyond efficiency and effectiveness.  This is what you can expect to gain...

img-what-you-gain-from-silva-new-01An Easy Transition

We can import your info fast; just use our data template and we'll get you hooked up. Your data is safe, secure and encrypted.  Need to add financial details such as credit card info, number of payments, etc?  No problem, you can do it in about 60 seconds per student.  If you have 150 members, you'll be done in no time!

img-what-you-gain-from-silva-new-01Save Time

Do you use 4, 5, even 6 or more different applications to run your business? Imagine only entering student data once to email, text, manage attendance, run point of sale, place orders and more - all inside one system.  Now, you know how easy it is NOT to enter a contact into one of those other programs and let people fall through the cracks.  Use RainMaker and keep the data entry and your info organized easily.

img-what-you-gain-from-silva-new-01Consistency in Follow-Up

Set up automatic follow up for prospects, new members, trial appointments and more. You know there is lots of follow up to do, but with teaching classes, training staff, managing the finances and so much more, consistent follow up is, well, less than consistent. RainMaker can help.

img-what-you-gain-from-silva-new-01Improve Your Retention

Letting your students and families know you care is so important. Many instructors think they're doing a good job because you can't see everyone NOT there anymore.  Improving rapport, consistent follow up and communication with your customers makes all the difference.  Use RainMaker to deepen the connection and bond you have with the people in each and every class you teach.

img-what-you-gain-from-silva-new-01Automatic Stats

We all know stats are important, but.... With paper appointment systems, trial paperwork, info calls not entered, walks-ins and web leads going into other systems, WHO CAN KEEP UP with it all?  RainMaker!  It's simple: use the inquiry function, push the "schedule" or "did not schedule" button. BAM that's done.  Appointment time comes around and RainMaker will ask you if the prospect showed up.  Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, RainMaker also sent the appointment reminder automatically.

img-what-you-gain-from-silva-new-01Know what's going on from anywhere

RainMaker is web-based, so you can use it on any computer, even tablets and phones to see whats going on in real time.  And you can have people logged into the sytem all at at the same time.  So whether you're at lunch, on vacation or just wanting to check in, RainMaker is working.

img-what-you-gain-from-silva-new-01Stay Organized & Efficient

Organize your member info, payment history, attendance history and more. Your key performing numbers, prospects, students, inactives, and formers are all managed from one place.  No more looking all over the place.  Everything you need to know is right at your fingertips with RainMaker.

img-what-you-gain-from-silva-new-01Save a little cash

About half our clients use RainMaker for direct billing...essentially cutting out the billing company. In the past we were conditioned to know that the ONLY way to process tuition was with a billing company.  Today that mind set is going the way of the dinosaur. If you decide to use the autoCollect function, RainMaker doesn't charge you any percentages.  We connect your RainMaker system to your credit card processing company.  It's as if you were using your own credit card machine to automatically process each and every payment, point of sale transaction and tuition payment.  AND of course, you will receive automatic instant reports of declines, past dues and all the details.

What's a RainMaker You Ask

Good Question... Being a RainMaker is a philosophy.  It's a belief that tells us we can accomplish anything with right direction and right action.  With RainMaker Member Management Software we know how possible it is to create something from nothing by creating a vision,

Founders: Ron Sell and Scott Dolloff believed that these simple processes hold the keys to an easier system for martial arts instructors

Clarity and focus are  gained through the organized work-flow and simplicity.

Experience the pinnacle in simplicity, power & flexibility
with RainMaker Member Management Software


RainMaker Martial Arts Software Mobile

Integration means time saved - it's a simple concept.  Simplicity with flexibility? Well that's tougher and that's exactly what RainMaker gives you.  Consistency, simplicity and powerful functions that work in the background giving you the freedom to do what matters all while knowing, the small day to day stuff is being done.


Special Feature: A complimentary help desk and video tutorial
training program for a better staff training process.

RainMaker help desk provides easy to understand tutorials.

  • Videos
  • Webinars
  • Step by step instructions

Research shows that having multiple consumption methods can help learn systems faster so we have included videos, webinars and step-by-step instructions.

From traditional martial arts to kickboxing to BJJ and MMA

Traditional Martial Arts

Many of the top recognized Karate and TaeKwondo instructors use RainMaker including:  Cheong Park of Park's TaeKwonDo in south Florida ,Brian Mower of BMI Karate in Germantown MD and Brannon Belisso of One Martial Arts in San Fransisco CA.


Kickboxing school owners such as Troy Dorsey of Dallas TX, Jeff Gears in Toledo OH and many more run their kickboxing programs effectively each and every day using RainMaker.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

With the growth and popularity of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu schools, RainMaker has its share of super star instructors, including Orlando Waugh of Waugh's Jiu-Jitsu in Arlington TX,

Mixed Martial Arts & Multi-Style Schools

Yes, RainMaker can handle your gym or school even if you offer students the ability to train in multiple disciplines.

A decade of research and collaboration

We've spent 10 years researching, adjusting, tweaking and collaborating with leading instructors to streamline RainMaker just for you.

RainMaker was created in 2003 and along the way we've worked not only with leaders in the industry, but thousands of instructors just like you to find what you want in design, function and ease of use.  We will continue with our constant pursuit of Kaizen to give you the best experience possible.

Over the years we have continued to fine-tune the process of not just improving the software but constant improvement to our client support and profoundly changing the way instructors operate their schools for maximum effectiveness.

Every module, every function and every report you'll find in the RainMaker Member Management Software is a direct result of this relentless research - and we're confident you won't find other services out there that are as easy to work with and constantly backed up by first class support and ease-of-use.

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$297per month
  • Up To 300 Members
  • 30 Day Quick Start and Set Up
  • 1 Free Data Import/Conversion
  • 7 RainMaker Follow Up Flow Templates
  • 3 Custom Trainings
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Upgrade or downgrade at anytime.  No contracts required.

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This is what our RainMaker community
has to say...

Going back thirty years, I don't think I've even seen a product in martial arts that has the rave reviews RainMaker has, I've yet to find anybody with anything but rave reviews, and in martial arts, that's saying something. - Randy Reid, Dojo Digest & Karate America
Having tried many of the other software programs out there, I believe that RainMaker is the best in the industry.  They are always looking to improve on their service and add value to their customers.  I recommend RainMaker to every school owner I talk to. - Josh Arcemont, Hero Academy
The RainMaker system has cut down on our administrative hours which give our staff more time to devote to attending to our students need. It’s been so effective in helping our student body grow that we have grown out of our current location and are moving to a location 3 times the size of the one we have now to accommodate our growing school. - James Wright & Mary Muller, Wrights Extreme Martial Arts
It’s just like having an office manager for our office manager! Everything is designed by martial arts school owners FOR martial arts school owners. These guys get it when it comes to smoothly running a top notch martial arts school. They know what works and what doesn’t and we’ve benefited greatly from their experience and knowledge all wrapped up in what we consider to be the best management system on the market, Rainmaker! - Den Dutson, Denda Academy

Take advantage of our 90 Day Guarantee and experience the power of RainMaker, today!

We know you've tried other software and you're frustrated.  That's why you're here.

Check out RainMaker, get trained, use the system, really try it out.

Need help? Call us and set up an appointment - we're always glad to help!

RainMaker was built by martial arts instructors for martial arts instructors. We know what you want because we've been there AND because we continue to listen and enhance RainMaker with your feedback. Sign up and start ending your frustration day.

Here's what you get when you order the RainMaker Member Management System:

To get started:

  • Free contact info import
  • Quick start training to make it easy to get moving fast
  • An unconditional 90-day money back guarantee.

Plus 2 bonuses, among which:

  • Exclusive video training to use at your own pace & for staff training
  • Exclusive RainMaker follow up flow starter templates

Sign Up Now and Be Up and Running In 5 Minutes!

See the plans and get all the details.

Get a 14-day Trial for Just $1.  Cancel Anytime.

$297per month
  • Up To 300 Members
  • 30 Day Quick Start and Set Up
  • 1 Free Data Import/Conversion
  • 7 RainMaker Follow Up Flow Templates
  • 3 Custom Trainings
Get Started

Upgrade or downgrade at anytime. No contracts required.

secure For your security, all orders are processed on a secure server.

What are the most Frequently Asked Questions about
RainMaker Software?

Q:  How long is your contract?

A:  We don't require any contracts.  We offer month to month services.  You can cancel at anytime.

Q:  How do we get our member and prospect information into RainMaker?

A:  You can get all your basic data imported directly into your RainMaker account. For example, name, rank, address, email address, etc. We will send you an XLS spreadsheet template with all the fields that can be imported as soon as you sign up.  After we get your data imported, just add your members payment info - it takes about 60 seconds.  If you have about 150 members, you'll be done in no time.

Q:  How long does it take to get started and set up?

A:  Your RainMaker account will be built automatically as soon as you register.

Q:  Does RainMaker connect to my website?

A:  RainMaker can create forms for you to add to your website so all leads coming in from your website go directly into your RainMaker account.

Q:  What are all the costs involved with direct billing?

A:  First, we will walk you through the entire process, you don’t need to know all the technical stuff. RainMaker allows you to do direct billing by connecting to your current credit card processing account. This means whatever fees you pay for processing a credit card payment will be the same by using RainMaker. The only additional fee charged is for the payment gateway. The payment gateway service charges a setup fee of 99 & costs $19 per month.

Q:  How much are text messages?

A:  You can purchase SMS/Text credits and Voice Broadcast credits. The average fees for this are 5-10 cents per credit. An example would be a package of 500 SMS/Text credits for $50.

Q:  How much are postcards?

A:  You can purchase postcard credits for as little as 97 cents each.

  • Client Support

    Need help with learning something, advice on where to start? Our world class client support is here to help.

  • No more switching

    If you’re switching from another software package, you’ve probably switched before.  Rest assured you’ve  found software that will grow with you and your needs.

  • Constant Updates

    RainMaker is constantly being updated, enhanced and “tightened up” all the time.

  • Mobile Optimized

    RainMaker is web based.  You can use it on your desktop, tablet and we even have a mobile format.

  • For school owners by school owners

    The founders of RainMaker have each owned their own schools for over 20 years.  We understand what you want and what you need.  At times, you may even feel like we’re reading your mind.

  • Simple,powerful & easy to use

    It has to be easy.  With staff turnover, and minimal time to invest in learning and using software.   You’ll start using it and it will just make sense.

Peace of mind for you.

Our client support is here.